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Protection tests according to DIN VDE

Protection tests according to DIN VDE?

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DGUV regulation 3 (former BGV A3 test)

DGUV V3 tests are now a firm obligation for all companies. In accordance with the DGUV Regulation 3 accident prevention regulations, employers are obliged to have all electrical equipment and systems that are produced in the respective company checked at fixed intervals. This is intended to prevent damage to property and personal injury and to avoid accidents at work. Within the scope of the annual maintenance, we will be pleased to carry out both the check and the documentation for you.


DGUV regulation 70

According to DGUV regulation 70, trailers and vehicles are work equipment under the Industrial Safety Regulation. The employer has the duty to check all work equipment for correct and proper condition and to document the result accordingly. The inspection consists of vehicle technology, body technology and load securing.


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