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Applications for Aggretech:


The energy farmer with his plant produces his own biogas with self-grown regenerative products and thus ensures environmentally friendly green electricity. As a CHP can be operated flexibly, it is possible to switch it on and off.

The advantage here is that at peak load times the CHPs can support the conventional power generation in the large power station.
The heat produced by the CHPs is used in different ways.

However, the most common are drying systems and heat concepts for domestic heating. This means that up to 40% of primary energy can be saved at full capacity.

Application areas Aggretech I Agriculture

Commercial and industrial companies

In commercial and industrial companies, the electricity and heat produced can be used entirely for production.
It makes no difference whether you feed the generated water heat directly into the system by means of a heat exchanger with 90°C (such as the food industry, meat processing plants, dairies or breweries), or whether you need even higher temperatures by means of exhaust gas heat conversion with up to 500°C.

Through various combinations with gas turbines or absorption systems, we are able to generate the desired heat or cold according to your requirements.

The use of a CHP in greenhouses provides the power supply for the assimilation lighting and CO2 fertilisation for growth intensification. This guarantees cost-effective cultivation.

Application areas Aggretech I Commercial and industrial companies

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

The CHP unit works with very high efficiency in the indoor swimming pool sector. The heat produced is used to heat the pool water, drinking water and space heating. The electricity produced, on the other hand, flows directly into the pool’s own requirements, such as the pump and ventilation control.

As far as the outdoor pool is concerned, however, due to the seasonal bathing season, a mobile CHP unit should be chosen in order
to be able to use it elsewhere outside the season.

Applications Aggretech I Indoor and outdoor pools

Residential and commercial buildings

The CHP is becoming increasingly important in the residential and commercial building sector. On the basis of the heating base load, the CHP is designed specifically for your needs and thus ensures long running times, so that the electricity produced can be fed into the energy network in large quantities and after deduction of your own requirements, to support the refinancing of the CHP.

Areas of application Aggretech I Residential and commercial buildings


Hospitals with their enormous electricity and heat requirements offer very good conditions for the use of CHP plants.
Together with the supervising engineering office and the technical manager, we design the CHP unit so that it can be integrated into the technical hospital structure and used efficiently.

Diesel emergency power generators, which immediately start up in case of a power failure to supply the entire hospital, are also indispensable. These aggregates save lives and must therefore be fully functional.

Application areas Aggretech I Hospitals


In terms of economic efficiency, local authorities also have no alternative to a CHP unit. 

The sewage gas CHP is therefore widely used, which supplies the required heat for the processes as well as the electricity for the plants in sewage treatment plants. 

In addition, mobile diesel emergency power generators and floodlight generators are indispensable for disaster control in the fire brigade and THW. 

Smaller stationary emergency power plants are found in administrative buildings and other municipal buildings in order to maintain the most important basic functions in the event of a power failure. 

Application areas Aggretech I Municipalities