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Gas Management System

The HUEGLI TECH Gas Management System


is a comprehensive modular solution suitable for stoichiometric or lean mix industrial gas engines up to 50 litres displacement.

The following modules complete the system:

Gas Mixer System

Gas mixers for the small, medium and large capacity range. 1KW – approx. 850 KW.

Lambda controller

Lambda controller based on boost pressure or lambda sensor for supercharged and non-supercharged engines.

Integrated throttle valves

Integrated throttle valves with actuator and position feedback.

Speed controller

InGovern series, speed governors specially designed for gas engines.

Ignition system

Ignition system with integrated CAN bus communication, with additional peripheral devices like coils, pick-up etc.

Gas engine and generator control / SCADA system

Gas motor and generator control for single or parallel application with SCADA solution.

Gas injection valve
Ignition jet conversion kit