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HT-SG-100 - Speed Control Unit - InGovern Series

The HT-SG-100 is a versatile electronic speed control unit, specially designed for gas engines. Its digital structure not only allows the greatest functional adaptability, but also allows data exchange with modern, external control systems via CAN 1939.

The unit converts the input signal from an inductive speed sensor into a speed value, visible on a very clear 4 LED display, and is also available as J1939 signal.

The HT-SG-100 is supplied pre-set and after entering the number of flywheel teeth (shown on the display) the engine can be run.

All values are stored internally without loss.

For multiple engine and parallel systems, all set values can be easily transferred to all parallel HT-SG-100 units.


  • Supply voltage 12/24 VDC
  • IP65 protected
  • Forward – reverse CAN bus possible
  • Very clear LED display
  • Speed values available as J1939 signal
  • Sent as standard J1939 key (code)
  • In addition to isochronous also P-degree control
  • Load shifting mode



  • Simple 3-key interface
  • Idle speed Speed control
  • Overspeed protection
  • Speed ramps control
  • Fuel Ramp Control
  • Starter motor Start speed limitation
  • Occasion Fuel Limit
  • Fuel Limit
  • 3 Speed control
  • Variable speed control
  • Variable PID control characteristics
  • Speed Acceleration control
  • Speed Deceleration control
  • Synchronisation and load sharing control via 0-10V analogue signal or via J1939 control
  • External speed fine adjustment
HT-HSG100 – Speed Control Unit

The HT-HSG100 bi-directional electronic speed controller controls the engine speed and is part of the “InGovern” control systems from Huegli Tech. The HT-HSG100 is designed to control the HT-TM2200-75 actuator.

The control system reacts very quickly and precisely to dynamic load changes of the engine. This closed-loop system, consisting of actuator and deer count sensor, allows very effective control of a wide range of different sized motors in isochronous or P-degree characteristics.

Conscientious design and robust construction ensure continuous operation even under the most difficult motor conditions.


  • Change direction of rotation
  • IP65 Protection class
  • USB PnP communication
  • Multiple PID settings
  • Adjustable PWM operating frequency
  • 3 fixed and 1 variable speed
  • Overspeed protection
  • AUX input for synchronisation and load sharing
  • Speed setting via digital signal
  • Current limitation to the actuator
  • Setting via keyboard and PC software
  • Programmable fuel ramp time to minimise black smoke
  • Clearly readable display, even under extreme light and temperature conditions.
  • Simple user interface with 3 push buttonss
  • Intuitive PC user software for setting all properties
  • Digital inputs/outputs are galvanically isolated
  • Digital output displays for overspeed and start speed limitation



  • Ideal for all gas engines
  • Precise speed control
  • No analogue deviations
  • Precisely repeatable power output
  • Permanent
  • Reliable
  • Cost-effective
HT-DDD100 - Speed Control Unit

The HT-DDD100, as part of the Huegli Tech “InGovern” control system family, is a digital electronic high precision engine speed governor for precise speed control of single motors equipped with two fuel pumps or with two actuators with throttle valve.


  • Digital control system with closed loop control and actuator with position feedback signal with EGT and speed sensor to ensure perfect fuel distribution in each cylinder bank
  • Efficient interaction of all devices of the Huegli Tech family, such as the “in Control” series TM torque actuators and the Huegli Tech power supply control systems
  • Intuitive keyboard operation and PC software interface makes data configuration
  • Easy 7-segment LED display is easily readable even under unfavourable conditions
  • Short circuit protection in the actuator driver and in the feedback signal current input. USB interface available for updating of configurations by service technicians
  • CAN bus and USB interface allow communication with Huegli Tech controllers or PC
    PCBA hard-encapsulated circuit board in robust housing enables IP65 protection


  • Precise speed control
  • No analogue deviations
  • Precisely repeatable power output
  • Permanent
  • Reliable
  • Cost-effective