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Gas mixer system

The unique RM mixers


offer the highest mixing technology for air and gases, based on the well proven ring gap principle. Thanks to a specially developed gear unit, lambda tolerance values of less than ± 0.01 can be guaranteed. The selected technology and design results in very effective mixing of air with natural gas, biogas or other gases. The robust construction, protected against environmental influences, offers a very user-friendly solution.

The separation of gas inlet and mechanical control chamber is also advantageous, which prevents malfunctions caused by internal contamination during continuous operation.

An integrated, specially protected PCB with several inputs and outputs monitors all important processes, such as gas supply, air filter flow, exhaust temperature, etc. An analogue output can be used as a driver. CAN bus communication, together with the power packs and the AF-2000 controller, allows great flexibility and saves additional costs for additional I/O’s.




  • Precise gas dosing
  • Very fast response time to dynamic load surges
  • CAN communication time (working together with AF2000)
  • Available I/O’s on board
  • Manual and automatic drivers
  • Unit RM814: For engines with 4-14 litres cylinder capacity
  • RM25 unit: for engines with 14 – 25 litres cylinder capacity
  • Current status display
Minimix Series

HT-MiniMix Gas Mixer

MiniMix is the perfect combination of gas mixer and throttle valve

A modular unit which allows the mixer and flap to be combined or built separately. It is recommended that the unit be built separately to provide a calming section between the mixer and the flap.

The MiniMix unit is used to control the mixing ratio between air and gas. The control can be realised with HT-CL-AF1000-LS with broadband probe or with HTCL-1500P and boost pressure sensor. The gas is dosed by a stepper motor with position feedback. The data from the PC software can also be sent via CAN bus to a higher-level control system.

The mixer-nozzle inserts exist in different diameters (5mm steps) and can easily be changed in the field if necessary. The sealing between MiniMix and mounting flange is by means of an O-ring, which is included in the delivery.

The integrated throttle valves (HT-ITB) are equipped with the already proven torque actuator which has an integrated position feedback. The throttle valves are designed for high pressures. The sealing between mounting flange and butterfly valve is done by an O-ring.


  • Exchangeable mixer nozzles
  • Sealing by O-ring
  • Lambda or pressure sensor control with Cuteline series
  • CAN bus supported


  • Precise mixture formation through variable control
  • For natural/bio-gas applications up to 150kW
  • Integrated solution
RM Series

RM Series Gas Mixers – Precise air/gas mixing

The RM gas mixer mixes air and gas using the latest technology and is based on the ring/gap principle.

Thanks to a specially developed gearbox, lambda tolerance values of less than +/- 0.01 can be guaranteed.


  • Very fast response time to dynamic load surges
  • CAN communication (combined with AF2000)
  • Manual and automatic drivers
  • Current status display
  • Electronic controls in the mixer, or externally with CuteLine modules


  • Precise gas dosing
  • 12 and 24 VDC supply
  • IP-67 Protection class

Piping recommendations


The connection between air filter, mixer and turbocharger deserves worthwhile attention. Obstructions in the connecting pipes cause a slowing down of the air flow speed, pressure drop which negatively affects the mixing intensity and efficiency. Therefore the air intake pipe should be as straight as possible, according to the figure below: